Lactose-Free Diet

A lactose-free diet means eating foods that do not contain lactose- a sugar that is found in most milk products. Some people cannot properly break down lactose or makes lactose that does not work properly. Some can eat small amounts of lactose without having symptoms, while others have to avoid it completely. 

Low Lactose Diet- Generally eliminates only milk and cow products. However, some can tolerate milk in small amounts (2 oz) throughout the day or as part of a meal. Some can tolerate small amounts of yogurt. These patients can experiment to find a level of lactose they can tolerate. It is generally better tolerated with a meal than by itself. Some people can build up their tolerance by gradually introducing lactose-contained foods.

Lactose-Free Diet– All lactose products must be eliminated, including foods that are prepared with milk, both at home and in commercially packaged foods. These people may be able to use 100% lactose-free milk or soy milk. Labels should always be read carefully.

Lactose Digestive Aids and Products- Many people can drink milk in which the lactose has been partially or completely broken down.